Filler removal in Charlotte, NC

Filler Dissolving

Undo overdone or migrated filler

Nonsurgical undereye blepharoplasty and cheek filler
Nonsurgical undereye blepharoplasty and cheek filler

How does filler dissolving work?

We inject an enzyme solution that targets and breaks down the hyaluronic acid in your excess filler, restoring your natural appearance.

How long does it take to see results of dissolving fillers?

After your treatment, you’ll notice results immediately and full results within a couple of weeks.

What to expect during and after your treatment

We explain the procedure, discuss potential risks, and ensure you’re fully informed and at ease before proceeding. The process is quick and painless. Minor post-treatment effects like swelling, redness, or bruising might occur but typically subside quickly.

Book your filler dissolving treatment in Charlotte

We’ll help you fix overdone or migrated filler so you can go back to looking like yourself again.

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