A dewy-skinned woman basks in the joy of summer, her beautiful face radiating

Lifted Aesthetics Charlotte

You’ve earned every line, spot & wrinkle

Natural results achieved with noninvasive techniques.

Lifted Aesthetics is a boutique aesthetic med spa in Charlotte, NC specializing in subtle injectable techniques including nonsurgical undereye blepharoplasty and full facial balancing.

before and after nonsurgical blepharoplasty with undereye filler and cheek filler
Before and after nonsurgical undereye blepharoplasty + cheek filler

There are a lot of outdated taboos in the beauty industry, but

there’s nothing taboo about wanting to look your best

Screw unrealistic beauty standards

Our job isn’t to impose passé standards on you by selling you treatments you don’t need.

Our mission is to provide a high standard of care so you leave feeling gorgeous.


  • Educating you on your treatment options
  • Using a light touch
  • Putting your comfort and safety first

for beauty that meets your standards

“I feel like Tiffany has my best interest in mind every time.”

– Deadria B.

Lifted Aesthetics is renowned for our advanced injectables techniques including

Full Facial Balancing

Facial balancing with Dysport, filler, microneedling and nonsurgical undereye blepharoplasty

Nonsurgical Undereye Blepharoplasty

Skincare & Injectables

Before and after Botox

Hi, I’m Tiffany

(I’m the one with the needle.)

Here’s the tea on me:

  • I’m a certified nurse practitioner with a background in critical care cardiac nursing
  • I’ve worked with renowned plastic surgeons and trained under some of the top injectors in the world
  • I’m like your hairdresser because you can tell me anything—but even better, because I’m HIPAA protected (I couldn’t even spill your tea if I wanted to!)
  • I love to have a laugh with my clients because sterile was never my vibe, but I take your beauty goals seriously

Finally—aesthetics that meet your standards

Visit our med spa in Charlotte so we can help you reach your beauty goals.